Captain Spotlight: Rouye Choquette

By USTA Oklahoma Staff

This month’s Captain Spotlight is 3.5 player, Rouye Choquette.

How did you get into tennis?  Did someone introduce the game to you?
In my early 40s I just decided to try tennis.  It really was somewhat out of the blue.  I had never played before but wanted to get some exercise in my routine and thought it would be a fun way to meet new people. Shortly after I signed up for beginner lessons, one of my friends who had played before, picked up her old racquet and we began playing regularly. After playing about 3 months I was asked to join a 2.5/3.0 USTA team and I was hooked!

How many teams do you currently captain?  What level?:
I am currently captaining only 1 team at the 3.5 level (the end of the 40+ season) while ‘pre-captaining’ the 18+ league that starts the week the 40+ season ends. In the Winter league that just ended, I captained both a daytime and evening 3.5 team – it was fun.

What is the farthest you have reached in USTA leagues (include rating)? Nationals, etc?:
In 2014 our 3.5 team went to Sectionals in Missouri.  It was Awesome!  Also that year my 40+ 3.0 team went to District but I couldn’t play because I got bumped up to 3.5 at year end.

What is your favorite part about playing USTA leagues?
I love the sport and competition of USTA leagues but my favorite thing is being a part of the awesome group of ladies that make up our team! Getting to know them and share experiences together is definitely the best part!

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