Rally Cats, A Great Way to Learn the Fundamentals of Tennis

By Casey McKenzie

Look out tee ball, USTA Oklahoma tennis is offering a new experience that is sure to help your growing athlete develop fundamental skills, and have a whole lot of fun at the same time. It’s called Rally Cats!

Developed by USTA Tennessee, Rally Cats is for children ages 4 through 14 and is being offered for the first time in Tulsa this Spring. With the purpose of helping young players learn to play in a hands-on, interactive way, coaches use modified courts and balls to help players improve their game. The Rally Cats program instills a love of the game by teaching hard work and patience using lighter balls, lower nets and smaller courts to help improve hand-eye coordination and basic balls skills.

 Rally Cats is also the perfect stepping stone to Junior Team Tennis. With four to five week seasons, one hour per week, Rally Cats might be the perfect fit this summer to get your child rallying sooner, getting less frustrated and having more fun! Seasons start at under $50 per child. For more information about our Summer session stay tuned on thebaseliner.net or please contact Casey McKenzie.

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