Where I’m From

By Brooke Thompson, Girls 14 Champs

I am from busy weekends playing tennis 
From Jersey Mikes and Lululemon

I am from a tall house at the end of the street 
with the white bricks and a big front yard

I am from all the tall trees in the backyard
the morning glories by our back door
And playing The Hunger Games in the woods

I’m from Friday night basketball games and late night talks
From my dad coaching on the bench and my sister and I going crazy in the crowd

I’m from my two athletic parents
and playing tennis late at night with them

From always staying positive 
And string to be uncommon

I’m from church on Sunday mornings and getting brunch right after

I’m from the every year summer trips to Oklahoma visiting family

From pizza to coffee ice cream

From the long late night life lesson
and the family dance parties in my room

I am from the hard two months at the hospital visiting my dad

From my dad’s bracelet on my left wrist
and the many tears that were shed

I’m from sitting in the car jamming to Toby Keith with my dad
and jamming to Taylor Swift with my mom in her car

I am from the past 14 years that God has blessed me with

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