Letter From USTA OK President

USTA Oklahoma Mid-Year Update

2019 is developing to be another banner year for USTA Oklahoma. 

All of our junior participation numbers are ahead of pace from this time last year.

Same for our adults – we will have nearly 8000 “participations” in Adult League Tennis in Oklahoma this year.  A participation is defined as a league participation.  So, if someone plays in 5 league that counts as 5 participations.  Just to give this some context the next largest district in Missouri Valley is St. Louis.  They will have slightly over 5000 this year. 

One of the great and amazing stories is that of our 2.5 ladies leagues.  Amazing numbers.  32 teams with a stunning 28 of those in Tulsa alone.  112 new USTA unique players.  Unreal.  When I visit with USTA folks around the country this stat just blows them away.  It truly is a testament to the commitment of our operators, staff and volunteers to bring new players into our game.  Hats off!

With all of this play (and it is just fantastic) does come some challenge for our adult league coordinators.  Michelle O’Quinn, our District League Coordinator AND Tulsa Local League Coordinator, Marc Claude, our 18’s and 40’s in OKC and Wink Winkler, our 55’s, 65’s and Tri-Level Coordinator in OKC all work diligently to insure our adult league programming runs smoothly.  This year has presented some challenges with all of the weather we have had that has led to cancellations. 

I ask all of our adult league players and captains to please keep in mind that customer service comes first with our team.  The logistics involved in rescheduling can be extremely complex.  We are in this together to provide the most exceptional product for our players.  To that end, I ask all of our captains to please allow our adult league coordinators to handle the rescheduling.  PLEASE do not do this own your own.  This can be especially difficult when captains reschedule a match on their own and do not inform anyone.  Our operators reserve the courts for USTA League play and we pay them for those courts.  When teams do not show up, having rescheduled a match on their own, we still pay for those courts which results in confusion when the teams actually play as to who pays for those courts.

Common courtesy and thoughtfulness, especially given all the matches we have to schedule, is sincerely appreciated.  I trust everyone understands this concept and we can all work together to communicate and insure that we get all the matches in that are scheduled to be played – regardless of how many have to be rescheduled.

And if you get a chance please thank Michelle, Marc and Wink if you see them out or around the courts.  At times it is a thankless job and it should never be that way.  So, on behalf of all of us that play USTA Adult League tennis in Oklahoma – a big time thank you to Michelle, Marc and Wink!!


Bill Towler

President, USTA Oklahoma

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